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,Tune Rohit Nambiar

PETALING JAYA: Amid the economic volatility expected over next few months, marketers have drawn strategies that will not only spur their businesses but also step up consumer engagement.

At the same time, they are also looking to up their advertising spend across various platforms.

Nestle (M) Bhd executive director of marketing, communications and innovation Chow Phee Chat said the past year has brought great upheaval to all, and while the company is resilient, it is certainly not immune. Looking ahead, he expects some form of economic volatility in the beginning part of the year to persist.

“In spite of the challenges, we remain focused on our long-term business strategy to strengthen our core and capture future growth opportunities. Our strategy focuses on driving sustainable and profitable growth, nurturing love and trust in our brands, and ensuring we keep our fundamentals strong to ‘future-proof’ the business.

“More importantly, we continue leading the industry’s way to shape a greener and more sustainable future for all.

“We have not stopped investing in our brands and will continue to do so to engage our consumers on various platforms year on year. We believe in investing efficiently in the right mediums, to deliver the right messages, through the right touchpoints, ” Chow told StarBiz.

In light of the new normal, however, he said there is a need for stronger collaboration and partnerships within the industry to help one another to deal with uncertainty, rising cost and the shift in consumer behaviour and expectations.

Baba Products (M) Sdn Bhd head of communications and consumer marketing Claudian Navin Stanislaus (pic below) said as a brand the company was looking at some new directions and initiatives when the lockdown first hit last year.

He said everything was shelved, and like most, the company had to face bigger issues with regards to shortages, production and distribution limitations that came with the movement controls globally and distancing measures that were put in place internally.

“Our main focus last year therefore was to ensure the rising demands were fulfilled at all cost, ” he added. So, as much as possible, he said, resources were diverted to support this. Navin is also the vice-president of the Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA).

With things slowly easing now, he said plans are underway to reactivate some of the previous campaigns, and adapting to the uncertainty that this pandemic poses and the possibility of restrictions that it may bring.

“As a food brand, we have undertaken strict protocols of testing internally as part of our efforts to prevent disruptions, which shall also remain a priority for some time to come, and as such, will be a part of the overheads moving forward.

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