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,TODAY Perth presenter Lisa Fernandez opened up about her battle with a skin condition. (Instagram) Tweet Facebook Mail TODAY Perth presenter Lisa Fernandez has revealed details about her battle with the skin condition psoriasis, letting viewers know that behind the scenes it’s not all glamour.“I don't tell many people I have psoriasis because it's embarrassing, painful, depressing and ugly,” she wrote on Facebook.“I haven't had to talk about my psoriasis because it's been in remission for almost 3 year... Until a few weeks ago, when it returned with a vengeance.”Fernandez discussed psoriasis to raise awareness and to help support others who may be going through something similar. (Instagram)The presenter was inspired to speak out after she received some negative comments after choosing to wear pants in 40 degree heat during the opening of Elizabeth Quay in Perth.Uncomfortable, she decided to hide her itchy skin underneath the pants.“I think that people have perceptions of women in the media, they see you always made up on TV but I wanted to let people know it’s not always what it seems,” she told“I wear clothes to hide my psoriasis and heavy stage make-up to cover my skin. I'm constantly uncomfortable and the itchiness is very, very painful.”People on social media have shared their own stories and praised Lisa for opening up about her battle with psoriasis. (Instagram)RelatedRush to publish COVID-19 research saw errors in top medical journals triple, study findsNew health alert in South Australia after positive COVID-19 case breached quarantineTwo new coronavirus cases reported in South AustraliaHowever the presenter said psoriasis has taught her a valuable lesson. “Who really gives a s**t what you look like? At the end of the day it's about being a decent, kind, honest person… It's about friends and family,” she said.“Some days I'm even grateful to have psoriasis.Lisa Fernandez and TODAY Perth presenter Tim McMillan. (Instagram)“Because I'm not dying, I have full use of my faculties, my family are safe and I have food and water. Life could be so, so much worse.”
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